Kato - Came WIth Nothing/Left With Nothing

Summary : An emotive, diverse and surprisingly confident debut release.

From the ashes of Glass Giant come Kato, a three piece band that hit like a ton of bricks. To describe it is difficult, but I’ll have a go. Take one measure of post-metal, two twists of screamo, a sprinkling of hardcore, mix them up with some seriously raw production and heavily distorted amps, and you’ve got a rough idea of what welcomed me when I first span Came With Nothing / Left With Nothing in my 2002 MG Rover ZR.

The first thing that quickly becomes apparent is that Kato is built on emotion. Within a minute of the opener ‘The Room’, you are met with a fantastic vocal performance from a man who clearly means what he screams. The clockwork rhythm of the drums and layers of pulsating guitars add an almost post-apocolypic backdrop to proceedings. This downbeat and weighty sound is held throughout the rest of the EP; and even in the less busy sections, you always feel on the verge of something more. 

However, to continue to break Came With Nothing / Left With Nothing down into individual tracks would be doing it somewhat of a disservice. Each track tends to bleed into the next, and the non-linear structure of the songs means attempting to pigeon-hole them into different genres is futile. Sure, I Will Repeat My Mistakes is undoubtably the most hardcore-influenced track here, and the concluding title track is a slow-burning post-metal behemoth in the vein of Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, but this is an EP that is best listened to as a single entity; an entity which is much greater than the sum of it’s not inconsiderable parts. 

Usually at this point in a review I like to balance out the hyperbole with some faults. In this case, I feel as though it would be somewhat contrived; there is simply not a lot to dislike about what Kato have managed to produce here. The production fits their sound, the genre-bending nature of the tracks keeps things interesting, the intrumentals work well together and the vocals are hard-hitting, both lyrically and tonally. 

So there you have it. Came With Nothing / Left With Nothing is one of my favourite screamo/hardcore/post-metal/emo/etc releases of the year. A monumental debut.

You can listen to the EP in full here : http://kat0.bandcamp.com/


Review by Isaac Powell.

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